Style Notes: Chanel Thanks Frank Ocean for the Shout-Out; Hudson Partners With 'Ghost in the Shell'

Frank Ocean

In case you missed it.

Chanel Thanks Frank Ocean for Shout-Out in His New Song "Chanel" [Fashionista]
After noted fashion fan Frank Ocean dropped his latest single, "Chanel," earlier this week, a lot of fans got to wondering — could the singer have a collaboration up his sleeve? Turns out there's no project in the works and that Ocean just happened to think the lyric "I see both sides like Chanel" (we see what you did there) sounded good. As a thanks for the shout-out, Chanel posted two Instagrams on its account referencing the song's lyrics and added in a statement, "This is simply our way of acknowledging his nod to Chanel in his latest single."


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Hudson Teams With Ghost In the Shell for Collaboration [Pret-a-Reporter Inbox]
Hudson Jeans has partnered with Paramount and DreamWorks for its largest-ever collaboration inspired by the upcoming Scarlett Johansson flick Ghost in the Shell. The 22-piece collection of both men's and women's apparel ($165-$325) includes denim, cargo pants and bomber jackets and is available on the revamped Said CEO Peter Kim in a release, "This is a dark, sexy, dangerous movie filled with incredible visual themes. It’s the perfect vehicle for Hudson to further engage our customers through the emotionally charged medium of storytelling.”

Emma Watson Reveals She Kept a Ring From Beauty in the Beast Set [Buzzfeed]
Emma Watson wore some pretty dazzling jewelry while filming the live adaptation of Beauty and the Beast, but one ring in particular stood out among the rest ... so much so that the actress asked to take it with her after filming wrapped. While playing with a lapful of kittens (!), the 26-year-old explained how costume designer Jacqueline Durran had modeled the pinky ring after one which Watson's mom had given to her, which gave it an added sentimental value. Watch the video below to see the actress answer more fan questions while covered in kitties.