Style Notes: Fashion Community Shows Support for Paris; Goop Launches "Ridiculous" Gift Guide

Paris France Eiffel Tower - H 2014
AP Images

Paris France Eiffel Tower - H 2014

Friday's fashion updates.

Following the terrorist attacks in Paris, several members of the fashion world have taken to social media to show solidarity for those affected. Given the huge fashion community operating out of the City of Light, industry insiders have been especially vocal in sharing their support. [Pret-a-Reporter]

Perhaps poking a bit of fun at its rather extravagant reputation (vagina steaming, anyone?), Gwyneth Paltrow's Goop has launched its annual gift guide which is this year entitled, "Ridiculous (and Awesome) Gifts." Among the list of suggested presents are a pair of 18k gold dumbbells ($125,000), a world view exploration at the edge of space (oddly enough, cheaper than the dumbbells at only $90,000) and a $42 condom dispenser. [Goop

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Collectively, the past few months have not been a good time for department stores. But rather surprisingly, the department store that has been suffering the least is JC Penney. While Nordstrom reported its worst day in 15 years on Friday, JC Penney was ranked as the top-performing department store. Though its third quarter net losses equated to a drop of 47 cents per share, it still beat Wall Street estimates by 8 cents. Many analysts are quick to point out, however, that JC Penney is on a comeback trail, and therefore had a lot of room for growth to begin with. [WWD, CNN]

Miley Cyrus and Terry Richardson teamed up for a 'Candy' magazine photoshoot, and it's exactly as raunchy and NSFW as one would expect a photoshoot with Cyrus and Richardson to be. From hairy-armpit licking to nipple pasties, the spread's desperate attempt to create "shock value" yields it really not that shocking at all. [MTV News]