Style Notes: 'High Times' New Apparel Collection Makes Anti-Trump Statment; Quicksilver's New Name

Courtesy of High Times
High Times apparel

In case you missed it.

High Times' New "Rebel" Collection Is a Response to the Trump Administration [Pret-a-Reporter Inbox]
There have been countless feminist fashions created in response to President Donald Trump's policies — from bold t-shirts bearing the words "Feminist AF" to more subtle nods to overturning the patriarchy, including pantsuits and berets. But women aren't the only group to turn to fashion to make a statement. Stoners, too, are using apparel to make their voices heard. High Times magazine, the publication founded in 1974 by Tom Forcade as a source for all things weed, revealed their latest apparel with the slogan, "Defying gravity and the Trump administration." High Times credits the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General (a vocal opponent of legalizing marijuana) as the tipping point which inspired the collection of bomber jackets, hoodies, beanies and tees, which are now available for $35-$200. 

Period Underwear-Maker Thinx Under Fire for Hostile Work Environment [Racked]
Thinx, the period underwear company which markets itself as a feminist-friendly brand for women, reportedly has a not-so-friendly working environment. According to Racked's report, 10 of the company's 35 employees have left due to the hostile atmosphere, poor benefits and the erratic behavior of the brand's founder, CEO and self-proclaimed "SHE-E-O," Miki Agrawal. Agrawal stepped down from her position as CEO last week, and the board of directors is currently seeking her replacement. However, she will retain the "SHE-E-O" title. 

Quicksilver Gets a New Name After Exiting Bankruptcy [California Apparel News]
Quicksilver Inc., the SoCal surf and skate brand which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in 2015, has officially changed its corporate name to Boardriders Inc. The brands under the company's umbrella — including Quicksilver, Roxy and DC Shoes — will all retain their names. The change comes as part of the turnaround process spearheaded by Oaktree Capital Management, which now owns a majority stake in the business. The first Boardriders store will open in Malibu this fall. Additionally, Boardriders is venturing into a partnership with Accor Hotels on their new concept, Jo & Joe's, which is geared toward the millennial traveler. 

Active Beauty Is the Next Big Thing [Business of Fashion]
The active beauty market — that is, makeup you can workout in — is the next big thing, according to trend researchers. As more gyms become social environments, finding not only trendy clothes but sweat-resistant makeup has become a priority and led to a surge in popularity of "athleisure makeup," with brands like Tarte, Clinique and Eyeko already cashing in. Start-ups including Sweat Cosmetics and yoga-oriented Yuni Beauty have also gained momentum in the past two years.