Style Notes: Karl Lagerfeld Talks Tech; Models Cheat France's BMI Law

Karl Lagerfeld - H 2014
AP Photo/Christophe Ena

Karl Lagerfeld - H 2014

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At Conde Nast's International Luxury Conference, the man of international luxury himself Karl Lagerfeld spoke about the growing sector of fashion tech, musing, "How digital am I? I have the first one with Beyoncé," when speaking of his solid gold Apple Watch. But the 80-year-old designer, who doesn't trust phones and computers ("everything is in my head") apparently uses his watch exclusively to induce envy, noting that he hasn't yet had the time to "fix it for features." [WWD]

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In an effort to bypass France's new law regarding BMI requirements, some sneaky models have, at the behest of their agencies, been adding small weights to their spanx and even their hair in an effort to tip the scales. These loopholes have reopened the discussion regarding the accuracy of BMI requirements when it comes to a measure of a model's health. [The New York Observer]

In today's edition of "American Apparel Gets Sued," two of the retailer's shareholders filed a complaint regarding former CEO Dov Charney's termination, insisting that some board members conspired to have him fired. A rep for the L.A.-based brand called the charges "completely baseless." This is the third suit against the company in the past week, begging the question, American Apparel: clothing company or catty high school lunchroom? [Fashionista]

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Theories surrounding Justin Bieber's growing mane (was he going for a man bun, or perhaps a pre-Suicide Squad JaredLeto??) were laid to rest Wednesday evening when the Biebs revealed via Instagram that — gasp! — he'd cut his long locks. Bye bye, baby ponytail. [MTV News]