Style Notes: Menswear Blog 'Four Pins' Is Shutting Down; Congress Bans Microbeads in Cosmetics

Four_Pins_IG - S 2015

Four_Pins_IG - S 2015

Ring in the weekend with a little style news.

Popular menswear blog Four Pins, a Complex magazine-owned style site, will shut down in early 2016. In a (sassy) statement to the press, Complex had the following to say: "We have decided that, after four years of pummeling the Internet with the most fire 'fits, biggest ethers, skin-melting roasts and having yanked the souls of the fuccbois out of their lifeless bodies, the future of the [sic] best menswear site ever conceived in the long and sordid history of the internet is ¯\_(?)_/¯." Four Pins adds to the growing list of suffering menswear mags, including Details and GQ. [Racked]

After microbeads' negative effect on the environment was brought to light, Congress has passed a bill to phase out their use in cosmetics and skincare products. The microbeads are popularly used as exfoliants in cleansers, however the plastic beads do not dissolve and instead end up in large bodies of water. The bill to phase out their use was passed unanimously. [WWD]

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Just when you thought you'd made it through the week naked-Kardashian free — surprise! — Khloe Kardashian treated the world to a glittering naked butt selfie. While on vacation in St. Barts, Kardashian enlisted the help of supermodel little sister Kendall Jenner to teach her how to perfect her pose. (The glitter, however, shall remain a mystery forever.) [Elle]