Style Notes: Miranda Kerr's Underwear Was Stolen by the 'Bling Ring'

Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - P 2011
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Miranda Kerr Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - P 2011

Five stylish stories to help you get past hump day.

Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan weren't the only ones to fall victim to the real-life Hollywood Bling Ring gang. Supermodel Miranda Kerr also experienced stolen possessions--specifically underwear--from the group of high school teens. In Sophia Coppola's upcoming Bling Ring, which premieres at Cannes Film Festival on May 16, tells the tale of five Calabasas-area girls who went on a robbing spree, stealing $3 million dollar worth of property from celebrities including Hilton, Lohan, Megan Fox and Orlando Bloom. Vanity Fair reporter Nancy Jo Sales, who first exposed the Ring in 2010, explained the teens obsession: "The fact that they stole the underwear just seems so weird, but it's not weird when you think about it, because they're growing up at a time when their culture is constantly telling them to be sexy. Everything from toys to video games to music to fashion is hypersexualised for girls. Stealing their underwear was part of a whole trend to emulate these celebrities. They don't just want expensive underwear; they want Paris Hilton's underwear." [Vogue UK]

Celebrity model-activist Christy Turlington Burns is returning as the the face for Calvin Klein in the women's fall campaign for their underwear. The 44-year-old model, who started her first runway show in 1987 for the American brand, also appeared on ads for Calvin Klein's scent Eternity. While she hasn't appeared as the face for the fashion label's campaign, Turlington Burns has worked on other projects including the documentary No Woman, No Cry. In the film, which she directed and produced, discusses the global state of maternal health. She also founded Every Mother Counts in 2010, a campaign to improve the health and well-being of girls and women around the globe. With Turlington Burns return to the fashion world, the model also appears on the June cover of Harper's Bazaar. Her latest campaign with Clavin Klein was photographed by Mario Sorrenti in Vieques, Puerto Rico. [WWD]

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Donatella Versace is launching her first Versus collection since the exit of creative director Christopher Kane. In addition, the Italian label has enlisted London designer J.W. Anderson to create a capsule collection. Versace admitted that Anderson wasn't exactly the ideal person for a guest designer, explaining ""I thought, 'He's not for me.' Then I went back and said, 'Wait a minute, this guy has something.' He's a great talent." Anderson also had his doubts too. "It's very family-oriented if that makes sense?" said Anderson. "You feel like you're being brought into a home. It doesn't feel corporate and I love that, the kind of the mistake of things. Everything I thought in my preconceived [sic] was shattered each time." Now that both have gotten passed their assumptions about each other, the J.W. Anderson capsule collection will retail for $485-$645 on June 15. Meanwhile, the Versus pieces are available Thursday from $250-$1250. [Racked]

Alison Brie, who stars in Community and appears in Mad Men as Trudy Campbell, is rolling into the fashion scene. In a video campaign for jewelry designer Irene Neuwirth, the actress is adorned in what we assume is the So Cal designer's baubles as she skates around the empty roller rink. The dreamy video is directed by Alex Braverman and Poppy de Villeneuve. See Brie [Refinery29]

Supermodel Cara Delevingne recently stripped down for Marc Jacobs, and now, she's taking over the fashion world one lash at a time in her latest beauty campaign with Yves Saint Laurent. In YSL's fun video campaign for their Babydoll mascara, the 20-year-old model plays dual roles as a proper lady and wild child. Whether getting ready in front a mirror or skateboarding in high heels, Delevinge shows that nothing can stop her, especially if she's got the right product to bat her eyelashes. Yves Saint Laurent's Babydoll mascara is available May 22 for $30. [Elle]