'Style Pop' Host Jeannie Mai Previews New Talk Show; Celebrity Guests Revealed (Exclusive)

Courtesy of Style Media
Jeannie Mai, left, and Louise Roe

Style Media's first-ever live, weekly topical series -- co-hosted by Louise Roe -- debuts Thursday night.

Style Media is expanding into live, topical programming on Thursday night with Style Pop.

The show -- which marks the network's first-ever live, weekly topical series -- is hosted by fashion experts Jeannie Mai (Style's How Do I Look?) and Louise Roe (NBC's Fashion Star). The half-hour series is set to premiere at 8 p.m. ET on Thursday (with a tape delay in the West Coast).

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According to Style press materials, the show aims to "go behind the fashion lines and in front of the latest trends in fashion and pop culture." A rotating panel of fashion experts also will join the two hosts to talk about various topics, including the hottest trends in entertainment, the most coveted tech gadgets and the latest in decor and food.

Among the celebrity guests will be Olivia Blois Sharpe (Style's Jerseylicious), fashion icon Betsey Johnson (Style's XOX Betsey Johnson), Heather Dubrow (Bravo's The Real Housewives of Orange County) and comedian Michelle Collins.

Meanwhile, the show also will feature real-time polling activations, which will offer viewers a chance to voice their own opinions by interacting with the hosts throughout the show at StyleNetwork.com available from any device.

Ahead of the series premiere, Mai talked to The Hollywood Reporter about what viewers can expect to see.

The Hollywood Reporter: What can you tell us about the show?

Mai: This is the first-ever live show for Style Network. Louise and I are super stoked to be able to open up this forum where people can interact live with us on any subject we're talking about -- fashion, food, style, trends, celebrity trends, music, boys. Anyone watching can interact via Twitter, Instagram and Facebook and basically having fun, having a big powwow. We'll talk about the things that happened before you go out at night with your girlfriends, when you're drinking and catching up. That's what we'll be doing with the audience. We'll also be giving away cool ideas and tricks, items like free bags and shoes, and discount codes for designer items. So it really is like we're getting ready for a night out.

THR: What was it about the show that appeals to you as a host?

Mai: I love Style Network. It's like my family after doing How Do I Look? It makes sense to start engaging the audience. I know from being on How Do I Look? that women are so interactive and opinionated about everything -- what I wore, what I should be wearing, how trends work on some women and some don't, how we dress for women. It's always so interesting to me to know what other people think. This is a show that fits perfectly with Style Network. The audience is super opinionated … so it makes sense to have [a show where the audience can be interactive].

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THR: Can you talk a little bit about what the celebrity guests will be doing?

Mai: We'll have celebrities and fun comedians -- I'm especially excited about strong women like Michelle Collins talking to us about things that women always think but never get to say. We'll also have YouTube celebrities and other experts. Pretty much everybody you want to know will be in our show.

THR: What's your working relationship with Louise like?

Mai: We've been buds for quite some time now. We shot a Style pilot a long time ago, and that turned into this, and we've been friends ever since -- for years.

THR: So you obviously have good chemistry.

Mai: I think she's a total bitch, but that's OK. [Laughs.] No, she's amazing, and I love having her around. I get to be real with her. It's a little scary to me that the show is live, the fact that anything can happen. I'm sure I'll piss off a whole population. I'll be the person asking a Puerto Rican, "You're Mexican, right?" That part is scary to me. But the show really is just all about girl power, not taking yourself too seriously and having fun.

Watch a preview below.