Stylist Ilaria Urbinati's Top 13 Favorite Maternity Brands

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After speaking out about the lack of soft, stylish maternity clothes and brands that use young, thin models with fake bumps, the fashion stylist to Bradley Cooper and Rami Malek rounds up her personal favorites and top crowdsourced finds.

Hollywood stylist Ilaria Urbinati (whose clients include Bradley Cooper, Rami Malek, Donald Glover and Armie Hammer and who happens to be pregnant with fraternal twins) spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about her recent self-described Instagram "rant" about the lack of soft, stylish maternity clothing and brands that use "rail thin" non-pregnant models wearing "giant fake bumps" to market their lines. The overwhelming response to her post included a litany of maternity wear recommendations.

After reviewing all the input with her expert eye, Urbinati compiled a list of her top new crowdsourced discoveries and existing personal favorites on her Instagram story, which she has saved in a highlight as a resource "for the pregnant women of the world who need a little help — because if I need help and I'm a stylist, I can't even imagine!"

As for tips, the star stylist (whose twins are due in October) says that she "live[s] in flowy dresses." But if she had a winter pregnancy, Urbinati would "literally do sweater dresses the entire time" styled with "a cute cape, a tall boot and leggings, and you're like the chicest pregnant person ever!" Below are her top maternity-friendly fashion-forward brands, as shared with THR.

Urbinati's Top 7 Favorite Maternity Brands:
1. Storq: "They use women who are really pregnant as models and are great for basics," Urbinati says. "I throw a leather jacket over their black tank dress and wear it to all of my fittings and meetings because I feel put together in it. And I've worn their maternity leggings for four years since my last pregnancy. Their pieces are really soft."





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2. Rachel Pally: "They use real pregnant women as models and they make fashionable clothes that I would wear even if I weren't pregnant."

3. Bianca Balti: The sustainable, L.A.-based brand by the Italian supermodel works with deadstock fabrics and the babydoll dresses "look like something right out of Rosemary's Baby; granted, this is made for the girl who has good legs and I'm not that person … but it's super high-fashion and adorable."

4. Filly Boo: The Australian brand’s "handcrafted dresses are so cute and more bohemian-inspired and they have a whole line that's not maternity as well. It also looks like they are using real pregnant women as models."

5. Clary & Peg: "A cute little brand based in the U.K. that's vintage inspired and both maternity-friendly and breastfeeding-friendly. It's a bit more hipster with little jumpsuits and overalls."

6. Yumi Kim: "I wear Yumi Kim all the time, even when I'm not pregnant. They have a maternity section but funny enough I end up buying little '90s dresses from their main line in larges instead and tailoring them. I just wore a top and dress while in Europe on vacation. I got a skirt in large and had my tailor take the fabric from the hem and add it to the waist to create more room. I do that all the time!"





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7. Madewell's maternity jeans: "Their jeans are good because they look like 'cool girl' jeans!"

Urbinati's Top 6 Maternity-Friendly Non-Maternity Brands:

1. Perle Mere: "This [Ojai] label is my favorite brand that is not meant to be a maternity brand, but all of their dresses work. I own like 10 of them. My friends and I wear them and share them for all of our pregnancies and in between — we joke about the sisterhood of the traveling dresses. They work on every body type and I even wear them when I'm in the shape of my life, so that says a lot. They're so soft that I even sleep in them sometimes. She uses all-natural fabrics and dyes and the dresses are paper thin so they're great for summer."

2. Raquel Allegra: "My friend, stylist Sam McMillen, recommended them, and they have some really great dresses."

3. Natalie Martin: "This L.A.-based label [with its signature batik prints] is maternity-friendly and so cute! Another one of my favorites. They also do matching kid dresses so my daughter and I have those and they make really great gifts."





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4. Lee Matthews"A couple different people recommended this Australian brand's flowy dresses and they're really chic. It's a bit like Marni or Jil Sander, so it works for the office. I had a lot of people complaining about having a hard time finding stuff to wear to work if they are a lawyer or going to a place where they need to look very professional, and I think this brand's good for that." 

5. Zimmerman: "I do a lot of Zimmerman because they do flowy dresses that are obviously beautiful and I can order them in size small, since they're flowy, and they'll still fit me when I'm not pregnant. I'm buying large in a lot of other brands so I won't be able to wear those sizes later because I plan to go back to my regular size."





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6. Zara: "I buy a lot of Zara because it's cheap and they have endless amounts of maternity-friendly styles: tunics, designs with no waist and good evening pieces that happen to look fabulous on baby bumps. I wore Zara dresses to an evening wedding and to the Hobbs & Shaw premiere last weekend. I won't feel guilty if I have to get rid of it all later because it's sort of cheap.”