'Suburbicon' Trailer Makes Matt Damon-Starrer Look Like Mixture of 'Leave It to Beaver' and 'Goodfellas'

The preview is rather dark, but the final kicker is a great laugh.

Suburbicon appears to be a wild mixture of Leave It to Beaver  and Goodfellas.

The first trailer for the Matt Damon starrer dropped on Thursday, and it opens in a sleepy, cookie-cutter town that looks like something right out of a neighborhood in 1950s TV. 

Viewers soon find out something much more sinister is happening in the crime-comedy when the wife of Damon's character is murdered by the mob for unspecified debts he owes. 

A very blond Julianne Moore plays his sister-in-law. 

Damon's character finally has enough when the mob later tries to kill his son. He begins to go after gangsters who were harassing him. 

The whole trailer is rather dark, but the final kicker is a great laugh. 

George Clooney directs the picture, due out Oct. 27. 


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