Subway Halloween Ad Slammed as "Sexist"

Subway Commercial Costumes 2 - H 2014
Courtesy of Subway

Subway Commercial Costumes 2 - H 2014

"Really, Subway? We should eat your crappy sandwiches so we can look hot in skanky Halloween costumes? REALLY?"

Subway has long promoted its sandwiches as healthy lunch alternatives, but in its latest ad, the chain says that its food will help women stay fit so they can look good in sexy Halloween costumes.

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That's going too far, according to many Twitter users who have slammed Subway for "shaming people" via its "sexist," "misogynistic and sizeist" ad.

In the ad, a woman is surprised that her lunch mates are eating burgers, telling them that even though summer's over, "Halloween's coming. You gotta stay in shape for all the costumes!"

She then models various sexy ensembles, described in a slightly more PG way: "Attractive nurse, spicy red riding hood, Viking princess warrior, hot devil, sassy teacher and foxy fullback."

That last one may not have been a smart choice on Subway's part given the NFL's ongoing domestic-violence scandal.

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Subway proclaims in the ad that its sandwiches help you stay fit for "whatever you're staying fit for."

But is looking hot on Halloween what you should stay in shape for?

"We understand that some people may not have picked up on the intended humor in our Halloween commercial," a Subway rep told The Hollywood Reporter. "Our objective was certainly not to offend anyone."

Watch the ad below and sound off in the comments.

2:30 p.m. This story has been updated to include Subway's comment on the controversy surrounding the ad