'Succession' Star Brian Cox Says He "Never Felt Anything" After Contracting COVID-19

The Golden Globe and Emmy winner said he believes he got sick after directing a play in London last December, and attributed sneezing fits and tiredness to jet lag during his 'Late Late Show' appearance on Wednesday night.

Succession star Brian Cox has opened up about his personal experience with COVID-19 after revealing he'd contracted the coronavirus months ago but didn't feel "anything."

Speaking to The Late Late Show host James Corden, the award-winning actor revealed during his Wednesday late night appearance that he was made aware he'd gotten the respiratory virus as part of a routine visit to Fairview Hospital in Great Barrington, Massachusetts.

"I'm a diabetic, and I went from my usual bloods that I usually have between months," Cox told Corden. "I went there, and they took my bloods, and they took the COVID test. Then my doctor called me and said, 'Oh, congratulations. You've had it.'"

In addition to learning he'd had the novel coronavirus, he was also assured by his doctor that he had the antibodies. The news came as a complete shock to Cox, who said that while others experienced mild or even severe symptoms, he'd "never felt anything."

That prompted the Succession to ask his doctor when he contracted it. With no sure way to confirm this, Cox was told to list any unusual or memorable symptoms he may have noticed in recent months. That's when the actor recalled being particularly sneezy after spending time in London in December.

"I remember I directed a play with my wife in London in December," Cox recounted. "And I remember coming here, and for about four days, I had these sneezing attacks. Just sneezing."

Cox said that he also experienced some tiredness, which, at the time, he attributed to simple jet lag. That's when his doctor revealed that other COVID-19 patients had noted similar symptoms.

"The doctor told me that three of our patients had also these sneezing attacks, and that is an unknown symptom of COVID."

Watch the full segment below.