Suit: Dick Wolf's ex cheated out of millions

Accuses advisers of pandering to husband

The ex-wife of "Law & Order" creator Dick Wolf alleges her business manager and accountant cheated her out of hundreds of millions of dollars in her divorce settlement, according to court papers filed in L.A. Friday.

Christine Wolf accuses Loring Ward International of "negligently and/or purposefully" concealing "substantial assets" of her joint marital estate "prior to the commencement of and during marital property settlement proceedings," according to the court papers (via the New York Post).

Christine alleges the company -- who also managed the assets of her ex husband -- made the move "all for the benefit of Mr. Wolf in order to protect their interests in continuing to manage his assets."

She says her advisers never told her the company she once shared with her husband would continue to earn royalties and merchandising money for "Law & Order" and its spinoffs. She also says the the company grossly undervalued the company's worth when they called it quits in 2002.

Christine says they told her she'd "only" make another $8 million from the show -- an amount she says is not even "remotely close" to what the show has continued to earn.

A lawyer for Loring Ward did not immediately respond to comment.
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