Joey King Steps Out of Her Shell in Trailer for Coming-of-Age Indie 'Summer '03'

The movie also stars Andrea Savage, Erin Darke, Paul Scheer, June Squibb and Jack Kilmer.

The Kissing Booth star Joey King takes on another coming-of-age role in the trailer for Summer '03, which The Hollywood Reporter is debuting exclusively above.

The indie film, written and directed by newcomer Becca Gleason, follows 16-year-old Jamie (King) and her extended family after her grandmother (June Squibb) reveals a number of secrets on her deathbed. Jamie is left to navigate her budding love life in the midst of her family's personal crisis.

Summer '03 also stars Andrea Savage, Erin Darke, Paul Scheer and Jack Kilmer. Blue Fox Entertainment is the distributor for the film.

The trailer opens with Jamie holding her grandmother's hand as she lies in a bed at the hospital. "I don't have much time left," says the grandmother. "One thing in this world that you need to know. Learn how to give a good," she begins to say before she flatlines.

As the inexperienced teenager tries to enjoy her summer, she is introduced to Luke (Kilmer), an alter server who she meets inside of the Catholic church where her grandmother's funeral took place.

"I don’t believe in love at first sight, but I do believe in seeing someone and knowing instantly they're gonna matter to you," says Jamie in a voiceover.

When Jamie tells her mother Shira (Savage) she wants to start regularly attending church, she sarcastically replies, "Go crazy. You know what, become the Pope."

As Jamie starts to come out of her shell, she begins to drink alcohol and dress in more revealing clothes. "Just because your grandma died doesn't give you permission to act out," a friend tells Jamie at a party. She later says that her grandmother inspired her new attitude.

After causing friction with both her friends and family, Luke tells Jamie that their relationship was a mistake.

"This week was crazy, but I think all the mistakes that we made turned out to be very good mistakes for us," says Shira. The trailer concludes with a montage of both happy and stressful moments experienced by the family following the grandmother's death.

Summer '03 hits theaters on Sept. 28.