Summer TCA Awards

THR's TV critic picks the best of the death march with cocktails.

Truest Observation No One Else Would Say: Russell Brand

The FX comic on America's fascination with Sarah Palin: "People want to f-- her, don't they?"

Best Session, Hands Down: Downton Abbey

Certain overly ecstatic writers audibly gasped when it was announced there was a season-three preview. The raucous, funny event ended with Hugh Bonneville (Lord Grantham) dramatically jumping out of his seat, taking off his jacket, vest and tie to reveal a "Free Bates" T-shirt while the room (and Bates himself, Brendan Coyle) roared.

Tensest Post-Session Scrum: Ben Sherwood

So much for GMA's victory lap. The ABC News chief was overwhelmed by a gaggle of reporters who pressed him on Brian Ross' erroneous association of the Tea Party to the Aurora movie-theater massacre.

The "We're F--ing With You" Award: CBS

Smooth move announcing that Norah O'Donnell would permanently replace Erica Hill as co-host of CBS This Morning just minutes before the ABC News panel, stealing some thunder from its rival.

Most Lavish Party: Fox

Soho House was packed with stars, music, good food and drinks and, playing to our sweet spot, drawers of candy.

Funniest Perspective on Hollywood: Jimmy Kimmel

The Emmy host, responding to producer Don Mischer's revelation that not all of the deserving actors and industry people can be included in the "In Memoriam" segment: "I love that even in death you're subject to a popularity contest."

Strangest Network Note: Fox

The Mob Doctor executive producer Josh Berman: "We got a note that said, 'When you show the character's urine, make sure it's not too yellow because too yellow violates network standards.' "

Best Perspective on Hollywood: Shawn Ryan

The Last Resort executive producer, whose show involves a nuclear submarine, when asked whether he worried if real global conflict might cut a little close to his show: "Well, if nuclear war erupts in Pakistan, we'll have bigger problems than what it does to my show."