Summit gets 'Kicked'

Romantic comedy based on Amy Sutherland's book

Summit is going to the dogs ... and the giraffes, whales and camels.

The company has signed on for the romantic comedy "Kicked, Bitten and Scratched," a story about love and the animal kingdom based on Amy Sutherland's eponymous book about how she learned more about how to deal with a husband or boyfriend from an exotic-animal training course than she could from any therapist. Her research also gave rise to "What Shamu Taught Me About a Happy Marriage," a New York Times op-ed article that became an online sensation in 2006.

The script is creating several fictional characters around Sutherland's premise, including a female L.A. Times reporter and her relationship with her laid-back husband.

The studio has attached "Sex and the City" writers Julia Rottenberg and Elissa Zuritsky to pen the screenplay; Jacob Koskoff and Todd Louiso had penned the earlier version. Michael Ohoven ("Capote"). Kristin Hahn ("The Departed") and Dana Adam Shapiro ("Murderball") are on board to produce.

The project had initially been set up at First Look, with Ohoven taking it with him when his first-look deal ended with the distributor. Former First Lookers Kevin Turen and Henry are exec producing the Summit project.