Sumner Redstone Donates Another $720,000 to Cambodian Children's Fund

??The Viacom and CBS chairman had previously given the group $1 million, including a $500,000 gift in April.

NEW YORK - Sumner Redstone has further increased his donations to the Cambodian Children's Fund, which provides health and educational services to impoverished and abused children in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh.  

??On Tuesday, the Viacom and CBS Corp. chairman and controlling shareholder announced a $720,000 gift to the group. It is his largest to-date and brings the media mogul's total commitment to CCF to $1.72 million.  ??

Redstone's initial $500,000 grant in 2007 established CCF's child rescue center. And just in April, he donated another $500,000.??

The gift continues Redstone's recent string of donations as the mogul shares some of his wealth. ??Last year, Redstone donated $1.5 million to schools he attended and $1 million to advocacy group Autism Speaks.

??The CCF was founded in 2004 by executive director Scott Neeson, a former Sony executive who knows Redstone.?? The CCF's Sumner M. Redstone Center cares for children, including kids under three who are recovering from malnutrition, illness or have unsafe home lives, as well as three to six year olds who get taken care of in a day care center and children from age six through 16 who can attend an education center.??

"Mr. Redstone's most recent donation allows us to double the capacity of the Center's operations," said Neeson. "His generosity will enable us to serve many more high risk children with the critical services they need most, including a new day care facility; a large, custom-planned infant/newborn nursery; residential options for at-risk children and youth; a maternal care center; a nutrition program; a community meeting area, counseling offices for domestic abuse and a playground."  ??He expects to complete the project by November.

??"The inspiring work of the Cambodian Children's Fund is literally changing the lives of children every day by rescuing them from a life of poverty and hopelessness," said Redstone. "Unfortunately, the current facility has been overwhelmed by the need and is serving up to five times the number of children that it was designed to serve. I am pleased and proud that my latest grant will help them further expand and grow their programs to help meet the critical needs of these children."


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