Sun Valley braces for mogul invasion

The quiet before the storm

"It's the last quiet night before all the action," the elderly store manager here in Sun Valley tells me early Monday evening.

The streets and stores are indeed fairly calm. Only a few families and a handful of bikers cross my path as I take a first stroll through this quaint mountain resort in Idaho.

The "action," of course, is a reference to the annual gathering of media and tech moguls that is hosted here by New York investment bank Allen & Co. and that kicks off today.

Everyone -- from the cafe worker to the store manager and restaurant waitress -- immediately knows why I'm here when I mention I am covering an event. "Oh, Allen & Co.," the most common reply is.

Asked about its importance, everyone tells me that one of the big and busy weeks of the year is about to start for this community.

And they all tell me they're ready for the visitors from Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Wall Street.

At the Ram Restaurant, the outdoor seating area is full Monday night, and I notice former Intel boss Andy Grove among the diners. He is a regular speaker at the Allen & Co. retreat.

Otherwise, around town on Monday, the only harbinger of the mega-mogul-mania about to happen are various tents that will be used for Allen & Co. lunches and other social affairs.

Here are a couple of pictures of tents near the duck pond where the moguls are often spotted conversing at lunch time...

...and this one shows more tents next to the near-by Sun Valley Pavilion, an amphitheater for live performances...
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