Occupy Movement Interrupts Sun Valley Media Mogul Gathering

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Protesters with "Greed Kills" T-shirts created a “White Collar Crime Scene” to draw attention to the gap between the rich and the rest of the country.

The Occupy Wall Street movement made a brief appearance at the Allen & Co. retreat for media and tech moguls Thursday, the New York Post reported.

Seven protesters put up a yellow banner that read “White Collar Crime Scene” and lay on the floor to draw attention to the gap between the rich, including moguls and other business heavyweights, and the rest of the country.

The Post said the protest happened at the Sun Valley Resort near the town's duck pond where Google co-founder Sergey Brin and New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg were enjoying lunch.

The protesters, wearing “Greed Kills” T-shirts, were cleared away by police called by security in the town.

The collective worth of the richest on the guest list of this year's Sun Valley outing tops $222 billion even before including billionaires, the Post said.

“There is an event going on with the 1 percent,” it quoted one activist as saying. “This event encompasses oil, pharma and big business. They are together and they are what destroys the quality of life for everybody."

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