Who Wins Best-Dressed at Sundance? Indie Darling Brit Marling

Brit Marling Sundance Portrait - P 2014
Victoria Will/Invision/AP

Brit Marling Sundance Portrait - P 2014

Outfits by Christopher Kane, Proenza Schouler and Mulberry put the "I Origins" star in her own snowy stratosphere of fashion.

When Keira Knightley and Kate Hudson show up at a film festival -- even one as casual as Sundance -- wearing black sweaters, jeans and messy hat hair, you know it's all about under-dressing. Sundance is the ultimate in winter grunge: plaid, big clunky boots, parkas and knit beanies rule the day -- and night, for that matter.

And while brands like Mulberry and Tory Burch obviously did some celebrity seeding with sweaters and coats, only one actress really broke the mountain-girl code: actress Brit Marling.

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The indie star of Mike Cahill's sci-fi drama, I Origins -- co-starring Michael Pitt, Astrid Berges-Frisbey and Steven Yeun -- wowed everyone in every press room, including The Hollywood Reporter's Sundance lounge, when she showed up in a Christopher Kane cream-colored sweatshirt and matching boho skirt with bright multi-colored sequins on a background of an incredible floral design. Now, while you wouldn't expect the name "Christopher Kane" to be uttered at Sundance -- the Scottish London-based designer is only one of the hottest designers in the world right now -- something about a sweatshirt and a loose long skirt worn with cool Reed Krakoff silver shoes seemed right for the Sundance vibe. Not only that, Marling could make a bigger name for herself by using fashion to attract more attention. While that might not have been her goal, she seems to genuinely shine in cool clothes -- and so far, we're digging her latest looks.

For Saturday's premiere of I Origins, Marling wore a black Proenza Schouler-designed men's-style pantsuit, trimmed with gold stripes. It was another total standout. And again, she didn't appear overdressed.

Then she donned a simple Mulberry black dress and tights for the premiere of The Better Angels, starring Diane Kruger, Jason Clarke and Wes Bentley. The outfit was chic enough to look good absolutely anywhere.

We can't wait until I Origins hits theaters (it was purchased by Fox Searchlight at Sundance) so we can see more of our new favorite fashion girl.