Sundance: Director List Founder Destri Martino Hosts Female Filmmakers

Destri Martino Program - H 2016
Courtesy of Destri Martino

Destri Martino Program - H 2016

The Director List is a leading database of over 1,000 female directors.

The Sundance Film Festival is a mecca for both seeing movies and networking, and Destri Martino wants to make sure female filmmakers have the opportunity to attend.

Martino, founder of The Director List, a leading website and database for female filmmakers, is hosting an "all-female" condo in Park City, Utah, for the first week of the festival for a cost of $100 per night per person. Elsewhere, a person can expect to pay $250 to $300 per night for a room, and that's on the lower end. It's the third year Martino has rented a condo.

"The group has grown each year. Three years ago, it was just four of us and last year it was six. This time, I thought we could try a little bigger, so it's 10," Martino says. "The Director List is all about getting more woman hired and removing points of blockage. Sundance is a very important place for people to connect."

Condo denizens this year include filmmaker and actress Jessie Kahnweiler, whose webseries The Skinny will premiere at Sundance; writer-director Celine Tricart, also a 3D and virtual reality specialist; documentary filmmaker and producer Maya Albanese; cinematographer Maria Rusche; Meredith Riley Stewart and Christina Myers, who produce and star in webseries AutocorrectFU; actress and producer Lindsey Loon, founder of the Connect Film Festival; and Fischer Cherry, filmmaker and concept artist/photographer.

Last, one of the condo residents was Rainy Kerwin, director of the upcoming The Wedding Invitation.

The Director List, boasting a database of more than 1,000 names, was born out Martino's 2012 Pinterest board. The website highlights the work of female filmmakers in a number of ways, including a weekly updated list of crowdfunding campaigns being directed by women. (Paul Feig is a vocal supporter of The Director List, and recently made a notable donation).

"I'm all about being practical. That's what the site is all about," says Martino, a writer/director whose credits include more than 200 corporate videos and the web sitcom Mixed Blooms.