Sundance: Horizon Award Winners Unveiled

Chloe Sevgny - H 2015
AP Images

Chloe Sevgny - H 2015

Chloe Sevigny will hand out the awards to the up-and-coming filmmakers.

The winners of second annual Horizon Award have been announced.

Up-and-coming filmmakers Maqui Gaona, Juliette GosselinShanice Malakai Johnson and Florence Pelletier will be presented with the award by actress Chloe Sevigny at a reception in Park City.

Horizon Award co-founding producers Cassian Elwes, Lynette Howell Taylor and Christine Vachon made the announcement.  

The Horizon Award is meant to be a support women directors early enough in their development to help advance their careers. The four winners will receive grants from the Adrienne Shelly Foundation.

“I’m so excited to announce the winners of the second annual Horizon Award," said Elwes. "We have added new partners to our already formidable team – proving that not only is the move toward gender equality in the zeitgeist, but that there are very real advocates among our peers. After the recent summit for systemic change (hosted by Sundance and Women in Film), I am more convinced than ever that we can make a difference and that history is on our side. I remain steadfastly committed to the idea that, one day soon, women will have exactly the same opportunities as men to direct movies.”

The Horizon Award ceremony and reception will take place on Sunday, Jan 24 at the WireImage Portrait Studio.