Sundance: Indiegogo, Vimeo Launch Film Distribution Partnership

Sundance Film Festival Atmosphere - H 2014
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Sundance Film Festival Atmosphere - H 2014

Vimeo has also committed to a fund for select Indiegogo film campaigns in exchange for exclusive VOD distribution.

Indiegogo and Vimeo have joined forces to make the ad-free streamer the preferred distribution platform for films financed through the crowdfunding site. 

Vimeo has also committed to an ongoing creator fund for select Indiegogo film campaigns in exchange for exclusive distribution via its VOD service, Vimeo On Demand, the companies announced Saturday morning at Sundance. 

The first project to participate in the new partnership is The Connected Universe, a documentary from Malcom Carter about the interconnectivity of things. The highest-funded documentary on Indiegogo, the film features the work of theorist Nassim Haramein

"With the addition of Vimeo as a distribution partner, it is now easier than ever for filmmakers using Indiegogo, to pursue their passions, receive funding, garner global exposure, and deliver their work directly to their fans," said Indiegogo chief executive Slava Rubin

As part of the agreement, Indiegogo will also join Vimeo's new publisher network. As part of the Vimeo On Demand Publisher Network, Indiegogo wil feature a VOD storefront on its website with titles for sale that were funded through its crowdfunding process. Vimeo will create an Indiegogo VOD page on its website to feature a curated, rotating selection of campaign-backed films. 

"This partnership highlights both Vimeo and Indiegogo's continued support of independent filmmakers on a global level, and provides Indiegogo's community of creators an opportunity to be exposed to an even wider audience via Vimeo's transactional VOD platform," said Vimeo chief executive Kerry Trainor

Indiegogo-funded projects have used Vimeo for distribution in the past. They include Video Game High School's third season, Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie and Mad As Hell, out next month on the streamer.