Sundance Institute Woos Christine Spines from Random House Site (Exclusive)

The books, film, and TV blogger will be overseeing all of the organization’s written and video content strategy.

On Nov. 15, writer Christine Spines leaves Random House's Word & Film blog, devoted to "the intersection of books, movies and television," to be managing editor of the Sundance Institute's site Spines is a former Entertainment Weekly writer and Premiere West Coast bureau chief (and is married to The Hollywood Reporter senior film writer Jay Fernandez). “I've been orbiting Sundance since my very first journalism job, covering the indie film beat for Premiere back in the mid '90's, so there's a kind of poetry to ending up here," Spines tells THR. "I'll be overseeing all of the Institute's written and video content strategy. In practice, this will involve making sure remains a vital resource and communal hub for independent filmmakers and fans." Besides the film festival, Sundance runs multiple labs and programs that have supported over 5,000 artists.

Spines helped develop Word & Film, which has acquired 10,956 Facebook likers in its first year. She doesn't like quitting. "The decision to leave that behind has been kind of wrenching. It's probably the best job I've ever had in that I was encouraged to challenge readers to bring their intellectual A game, not pander to the lowest common denominator."