Sundance’s 10 Hot Tickets

Courtesy of Ginsberg/Libby

Predicting which movies will find buyers at Sundance is a little like forecasting the Utah mountain weather —  the radar is usually pretty accurate, but surprises come out of nowhere.These movies, however, are almost sure bets to sell, according to the press.

The Details
Jacob Aaron Estes, director
Why it might sell Estes (Mean Creek) returns to Sundance with a black comedy about suburban conflict. The cast (Tobey Maguire, Elizabeth Banks) will entice buyers. Reps: UTA/CAA

The Devil’s Double
Lee Tamahori, director
Why it might sell Based on real events, it's an acting showcase for Dominic Cooper, who plays Saddam Hussein’s crazy son Uday and his beleaguered body double. Reps: CAA/Paradigm

I Melt With You
Mark Pellington, director
Why it might sell Pellington assembled a provocative cast (Thomas Jane, Jeremy Piven, Rob Lowe) for this thriller. Druggy and dark, but genre films often find buyers. Reps: UTA/Submarine

Like Crazy
Drake Doremus, director
Why it might sell Current “It girl” Jennifer Lawrence appears in this long-distance romance with Anton Yelchin, but it is star Felicity Jones who surprises most. Reps: UTA/Submarine

Margin Call
JC Chandor, director
Why it might sell A big, serious movie about the 2008 financial crisis, with a, big serious cast (Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Jeremy Irons, Stanley Tucci, Zachary Quinto). Reps: UTA/Elwes/Untitled

Martha Marcy May Marlene
Sean Durkin, director
Why it might sell A buzzy drama about a woman who returns to her family after fleeing a cult could be a breakout role for star Elizabeth Olsen. Reps: UTA

My Idiot Brother
Jesse Peretz, director
Why it might sell An insightful comedy about a pot dealer (Paul Rudd)who moves in with his three sisters (Elizabeth Banks, Zooey Deschanel and Emily Mortimer). Reps: UTA

Perfect Sense
David Mackenzie, director
Why it might sell A love story set against a global pandemic, the romance/thriller hybrid with Ewan McGregor and Eva Green could lure art house and genre buyers. Reps: WME

Salvation Boulevard
George Ratliff, director
Why it might sell A religion comedy starring Pierce Brosnan as a corrupt preacher, with Greg Kinnear, Jennifer Connelly and Marisa Tomei adding more indie star power. Reps: UTA

The Son of No One
Dito Montiel, director
Why it might sell Gritty subject matter (two men deal with murders they committed as kids) but with an A-list cast led by Channing Tatum, Al Pacino and Katie Holmes.  Reps: UTA/WME/Elwes