Sundance sets up unscripted slate

Lineup includes Johnny Weir series, Mark Burnett project

The Sundance Channel is making a big push in the unscripted area with two new series, "The Day Before" and "Be Good Johnny Weir," and several projects in development, including one from producer Mark Burnett.

Additionally, the channel has greenlighted a second season of the interview show "Spectacle: Elvis Costello With ..."

"The Day Before" is an all-access behind-the-scenes look during the 36 hours before a fashion show.

-- "Be Good Johnny Weir," which follows the champion U.S. figure skater, is produced by David Barba, James Pellerito and Original Media.

Sundance's new nonfiction series in development for 2010 include:

-- Burnett's "Don't Bomb Kuala Lumpur," an anthropological comedy series featuring up-and-coming stand-up comedians visiting an unfamiliar city where they have to perform for the locals.

-- "Red Summer," based on Bill Carter's book, is a six-part series about an isolated Eskimo village during the commercial salmon season. Carter is the producer-director, with Nanette Burstein and Jordan Roberts exec producing.

-- "Top City Artist With Justin Bua" follows the urban artist. Michael Yudin is producing.

Sundance also is developing a second installment of its documentary series "Architecture School."
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