Sundance Shortcuts: 'Nasty Baby's' Kristen Wiig, Co-Stars on Their Strangest Castmember (Video)

A rather odd-looking animal popped up on set one day.

Nasty Baby apparently had one unexpected — and rather odd-looking — castmember.

The cast of the movie — Kristen Wiig, Alia Shawkat and Tunde Adebimpe — along with writer-director-star Sebastian Silva, stopped by The Hollywood Reporter's Sundance lounge to talk with THR's Rebecca Ford.

During the lively discussion, Silva revealed that one scene called for the use of a deer. But when the deer-wrangler showed up, the cast wasn't quite sure what to make of the animal.

"[It was] a deer that actually doesn't exist in the U.S. That deer made no sense. It looked like it escaped from the circus," said Silva. Watch the video above to hear his description of the rather strange animal.

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Nasty Baby centers on Freddy (Silva), who, along with his boyfriend (Adebimpe), has asked their best friend, Polly (Wiig), to help them have a baby.

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