Sundance, TW pact for indie fellowship


NEW YORK -- The Sundance Institute and Time Warner are partnering to create the Time Warner Storytelling Advancement Fund for indie filmmakers, playwrights and screenwriters.

The fund will support the Time Warner Storytelling Fellows program for up to 20 film and theater artists during the next four years. The program is designed to allow each participant to focus on the narrative and voice in their work as well as advancing their project's story development through such methods as public readings and peer round-tables.

Director Patricia Benoit (the immigrant family story "Haiti Cherie") and playwright Tracey Scott Wilson (the civil rights drama "The Good Negro") are the inaugural Time Warner Storytelling Fellows, each receiving a $5,000 grant and a year of work-related assistance.

Like future Fellows, each has participated in the Sundance Screenwriters and Directors Labs and Sundance Theatre Lab, respectively. Neither organization would disclose financial details about the fund.