Sunday's Super Bowl most-watched in Canada

But falls short of CBC's audience for Olympic hockey win

TORONTO -- Super Bowl XLIV was the most-watched NFL championship game ever in Canada, snagging 6.7 million viewers on CTV and Quebec sports channel RDS on Sunday night.

BBM Canada data from CTV indicates that the New Orleans Saints' victory was just over 50% more than last year's NFL championship game, which posted an average audience of 4.3 million viewers on CTV and RDS.

The CTV audience for the CBS feed of the Super Bowl peaked at 8 million viewers in the final minutes of New Orleans Saints-Indianapolis Colts matchup.

Sunday's Super Bowl telecast was still short of the vast audience of 10.3 million Canadians who tuned in to the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. to watch Canada defeat the U.S. at the last event of the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics to win its first ice hockey gold medal in 50 years.