'It's Always Sunny': The Gang's Worst Nights of Drinking

"It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia" (FX)

The show is poised to gross $300 million.

Don't celebrate St. Patrick's Day like this.

Whatever you do, don't celebrate St. Patrick's day like the gang from It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

The gang's exploits could easily fit into an after-school special warning of the dangers of excessive drinking and what it causes: shattered relationships, endangerment of personal safety and a lack of empathy for fellow human beings.

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The Paddy's Pub gang owns and operates an Irish bar and lives every day like it's St. Patrick's day. Check out what not to do below.

5. Season 9's "The Gang Gets Quarantined"

The gang had to face their own alcoholism, when they became incredibly ill after abstaining during a quarantine. It appeared as though they had the flu, but once they started drinking again they became miraculously healthier, proving they'd been suffering from alcohol withdrawal. Did they learn a lesson from that information? Nope. 

"What do you do with any information? You just stuff it deep down inside and keep an eye on it," said Dennis.

4. Season 1's "Underage Drinking: A National Concern

The gang believed serving minors at their bar was the socially responsible thing to do. Afterall, giving kids a safe place to party — and watering down their drinks so they wouldn't be too alcoholic — would lead to fewer kids driving drunk. Though the gang didn't get out-of-control drunk in the episode, they did start dating high school kids in one of their creepiest adventures to date.

3. Season 4's "Mac's Banging the Waitress."

 Charlie drinks 24 beers in a state of depression after Dennis lead him to believe Mac is sleeping with the love of his life, The Waitress. 

"Ohh, that's right. I ate all the pizza. And I drank all the beer," he told Mac.

2. Season 6's "Who Got Dee Pregnant?" 

A Halloween party nearly went really wrong for The Gang, who got so blackout drunk that none of them could remember who they'd slept with. Most importantly, none of them could remember who had slept with Dee, who claimed one of the male members of the group had impregnated her. She was lying, but their frantic attempt to remember the night's details revealed the various self-destructive behavior they engaged in that night. 

1. Season 10's "The Gang beats Boggs"

Ten years in and the gang outdid itself in the drinking department as they tried to beat Boston Red Socks great Wade Boggs' drinking record, which, legend has it, he accomplished during a cross country flight. Charlie beat Dee, notching 72 beers and still standing to tell the tale. Dee was not as lucky, with her winding up passed out on a luggage conveyer belt.