Giants' Super Bowl Victory: What Hollywood Is Saying

Eli Manning Super Bowl 2012

Football fans from Michael Moore to Rupert Murdoch to Chloe Moretz tweeted congratulations for Eli Manning's win over Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

The New York Giants' Super Bowl victory against the New England Patriots sparked a flurry of celebri-tweets giving kudos to quarterback Eli Manning and his team.

After all, the Giants are Hollywood's team. While the Patriots boast such high-profile fans as Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, Mark Wahlberg and Steven Tyler, the Giants are beloved in the entertainment industry simply because there are so many New Yorkers part of it. Among the Big Apple-based team's biggest fans: Paramount vice chair Rob Moore; Harvey Weinstein; Sony's Amy Pascal, and Warner Bros.' Barry Meyer.

In addition, the Giants are closely tied to sisters Kate and Rooney Mara: their great-grandfather founded the team in 1925, uncle John is co-owner and dad Chris runs the scouting. Although the Maras' Twitter accounts were silent, we can assume the actress-siblings were solidly pro-Giant in the matchup against Tom Brady and the Patriots.

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Meanwhile, other Hollywood players reacted gleefully on the micro-blogging platform.

Troublemaker-slash-filmmaker Michael Moore wrote: "Congrats Giants! A great game. Hilarious ending - have never seen a player bummed out because he scored a touchdown."

Meanwhile, TV producer and Giants fan Bill Lawrence noted of Brady's sour expression post-loss: "Tom, smile, your life is fine." Actress Chloe Moretz (Kick-Ass) tweeted: "Great superbowl! đŸ™‚ giants won! <3."

Echoed News Corp. chief (and suprisingly avid tweeter) Rupert Murdoch: "Great game. Great for New York, but feel little sorry for many Boston friends."

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Former NBC News anchor Tom Brokaw celebrated the win in South America.

"Great news travels far. Got word of Giants win in Ushuaia, Argentina," wrote Brokaw, in what was perhaps an unintentional humble brag on the micro-blogging site.

Comedian and actor Nick Kroll took the opportunity to simultaneously congratulate the Giants while mocking coach Tom Coughlin.

"Congrats to Tom coughlin [sic] on his super bowl victory as well as his ears looking like wax lips," he joked.

Billionaire cable TV and film executive Mark Cuban, who previously told THR he was "rooting for the commercials," tweeted: "Good teams make the playoffs, the hot team wins the championship."

(Guess he must be a Giants fan.)

Homer Simpson, classic cartoon character, made sure to post a message before dozing off on the couch.

"Congrats to the true Patriots and their Giant victory! Auto-tweeted cuz I'm planning on falling asleep before the game ends," said the Simpsons patriarch.

Steve Martin, who is human, must have had the same idea -- or joke -- tweeting: "Wow! What a game. Two minutes left. Headin' off to bed. Will get results in the morning."

Seth Meyers of NBC's Saturday Night Live apparently stayed awake for the whole thing.

"If I were NBC I would pick up Pats/Giants for full season," said the "Weekend Update" anchor and Patriots fan. If his favorite team lost, Meyers didn't seem too upset.

Denver Bronco/Golden Boy Tim Tebow, who might as well live in Hollywood given his seemingly overnight fame, posted a Twitter photo of Manning with his trophy, captioned "motivation."