Super Bowl: Time Warner Cable's Star-Filled Commercial Debuts Following L.A. Blackout (Video)

Some TWC subscribers were unable to watch an hour of the game, including the halftime performance.

Some Time Warner Cable subscribers missed out on about an hour of Sunday's Super Bowl, but service was restored just in time for them to see a commercial promoting … Time Warner Cable.

The commercial featured a slew of stars, starting out with True Blood's Stephen Moyer (in character), who abandons a snack to find Anna Paquin (also in character) accompanied by P. Diddy, who welcomes the couple "to the new world of Time Warner Cable."

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Also appearing in the spot were Jimmy Fallon, Drake, Duck Dynasty's Robertson family and Ray Donovan's Liev Schreiber and Jon Voight.

"We gotta be ready for super-fast Internet, people," Diddy says, adding: "TV anywhere, anyplace, anytime."

On Sunday, some TWC customers in the Los Angeles area were unable to watch part of the game as well as the halftime show with Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers due to "an issue" with the feed for KTTV.

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The interruption came during a commercial break in the second quarter of the Seattle Seahawks-Denver Broncos matchup, just before halftime. The screen froze in the middle of the ad, with some screens remaining black for a significant period of time.

Customers flooded Twitter with angry responses to the unexpected technical glitch, with the problem affecting the standard-definition, but not the high-definition feed. Customer service lines were also dealing with an unusually high volume of calls due to the regional problem.

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However, Fox's Spanish-language sister network, Fox Deportes, was broadcasting the game without issue.

"We have resolved a technical issue with the SD signal and apologize for the inconvenience to our customers," TWC said in a statement late Sunday.