Super Bowl: Macklemore, Joel McHale Celebrate Seattle Seahawks Blowout Win Over Denver Broncos

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The two stars were jubilant over the 43-8 victory, while others lamented the surprise loss.

The Denver Broncos went into MetLife Stadium on Sunday as three-point favorites, with Peyton Manning at the helm having just been awarded the NFL MVP title for the fifth time.

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The game was predicted to be a close match-up; few predicted the brutal blowout that the Broncos suffered at the hands of the Seattle Seahawks and young QB Russell Wilson.

One of the first stars to celebrate his team's victory was unsurprisingly the man behind the Seahawks' unofficial anthem, Macklemore.

And what a good "moment" it was for the "Thrift Shop" singer and all of Seahawks nation. From the first play of the game when the Seahawks scored two points with a safety, it quickly became clear that the reigning MVP wasn’t going to get an easy win in the Meadowlands.

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Seattle's "score anytime we want" offense racked up the touchdowns, adding a defensive score on a 69-yard interception from LB Malcolm Smith -- leaving Broncos fans stunned and Peyton pouting on the sidelines. 

Diehard fan Joel McHale put it most simply, as he tweeted from his seat at MetLife "SeahawksWinSuperBowl!"

"We have to simply stop turning it over … just don't turn it over," Denver coach John Fox told Fox sideline reporter Erin Andrews at halftime.

Manning’s men didn’t even put points on the scoreboard until the fourth quarter, however, when a pass to Demaryius Thomas got them a touchdown followed by a two-point conversion to Wes Welker.

With a final score of 43-8, not even the cold New York weather could dampen the exuberance of Seahawks fans both in the stadium and on social media.

Some famous viewers simply zoned out over the mismatched score, as Rob Lowe tweeted: "Worst Super Bowl ever," before announcing that he was changing channels.

See below for more famous celebrations and commiserations: