Super Bowl Commercials: Budweiser's "Lost Dog" Ad, Movie Trailers Among Most-Shared

Universal's Tom Brady-starring 'Ted 2' spot and a 'Pitch Perfect 2' commercial with the Green Bay Packers were also heavily passed around.

Budweiser scored another Super Bowl touchdown with its "Lost Dog" commercial, which was the most-shared Super Bowl ad of 2015 as of Monday morning.

As of Monday morning, "Lost Dog" had 2,168,530 shares across Facebook, Twitter and blogs, according to social video advertising platform Unruly, making "Lost Dog" the fourth-most-shared Super Bowl ad of all time. This is the third year in a row Budweiser's ad has been the most shared Super Bowl spot, with "Puppy Love" taking the top spot with 1.31 million shares the day after the Super Bowl in 2014 and "Brotherhood" racking up 1.5 million shares the day after the Super Bowl in 2013.

Released on Wednesday, "Lost Dog" generated most of its shares (1.9 million) before the big game. Other ads that debuted before Sunday and made Unruly's list of the most shared spots include Paramount's Terminator: Genisys trailer, Snickers' Brady Bunch spot, No More's anti-domestic-violence PSA and Universal's Minions trailer.

Movie trailers dominated Unruly's top 10 list, accounting for six of the most shared videos. (There were no trailers in Unruly's list of the 10 most shared commercials last year.)

Universal's Furious 7 spot was the most shared Super Bowl movie ad with 640,038 shares as of Monday morning since it was released the day of the Super Bowl. Ted 2's Tom Brady-starring Super Bowl spot, which debuted during the big game, also made Unruly's list with 187,498 shares. Other movie spots that premiered on Sunday and quickly earned a spot on the most shared ads list include Universal's Green Bay Packers-starring Pitch Perfect 2 spot and the studio's latest Fifty Shades of Grey trailer.

The top 10 ads have so far generated nearly 4.49 million shares online, almost twice as many shares (82.3 percent more) as the 10 most shared Super Bowl ads from 2014 had generated at the same point last year (2.46 million shares).

“Once again, Budweiser has done a great job of creating content that makes a strong emotional connection with the audience and is at the same time integral to the brand," Unruly co-founder and COO Sarah Wood said in a statement.

“Creating shareable content is only half the battle though; it's crucial to have a smart distribution strategy too. Budweiser delivered on both counts, with heart-melting teasers launched ahead of game day, across a range of platforms and players to deliver lots of online conversation.”

Wood also notes that last year, half of the 10 most shared ads were from auto brands, but this year there are no auto brands in the top 10.

Check out the full list of most shared 2015 Super Bowl ads below:

Top 10 Most Shared Super Bowl Ads 2015 (share counts as of 9 a.m. ET on Monday):

    1.    Budweiser: “Lost Dog” - 2,168,530
    2.    Universal: Furious 7 - 640,038
    3.    Supercell: Clash of Clans - 404, 658
    4.    Paramount: Terminator: Genisys - 291,519
    5.    Snickers: The Brady Bunch - 230,375
    6.    Universal: Ted 2 - 187,498
    7.    Universal: Minions Trailer - 167,628
    8.    Universal: Pitch Perfect 2 - 137,179
    9.    No Official Super Bowl ad - 136,119
    10.  Universal: Fifty Shades of Grey trailer - 121,753