Katy Perry's Super Bowl Performance: See Exclusive Costume Sketches

Katy Perry performing at the halftime Super Bowl show; Inset: Marina Toybina

Marina Toybina, costume designer for the Super Bowl halftime show, gives us the deets behind the onstage outfits for Perry's backup performers.

Finally! After months of anticipating Katy Perry's Super Bowl halftime performance, the pop star hit the stage Sunday night with her most over-the-top outfits yet. While we couldn’t stop paying attention to the pop star's Jeremy Scott-designed ensembles, the colorful looks seen on her dancers, bandmembers — and yes, even the shark and beach ball puppets — were equally eye-catching and entertaining.

To help bring her Super Bowl performance to life, Perry tapped costume designer Marina Toybina to create the halftime looks for her troupe of performers. Toybina (who also worked on Perry's Prismatic world tour) tells Pret-a-Reporter that she started sketching designs before Thanksgiving, not long after Perry was announced as the official halftime performer.

"Once approvals came in, the rest of my team and multiple costume houses came on board, and it's been a month straight of building all of the costumes to create the full vision," says Toybina. She designed more than 60 different costumes, "but each one has anywhere between three to five pieces that complete the whole look, so we're talking hundreds of individual pieces through the entire performance."

She adds: "Between multiple costume changes for the dancers, the band and background vocalists, and a few other costume surprises, it has been a painstaking process to make sure not a single detail was overlooked."

As Perry worked on her wild ensembles with bestie and Moschino designer Jeremy Scott, the pop star provided Toybina with design direction "for the rest of the show based off of how she knew her costumes were coming along."

"Katy is very attentive, detail oriented and is creatively hands-on when it comes to her vision and ideas. She works directly with each and every department from start to finish," says Toybina. "When an artist can successfully welcome you into their creative world, only magic can happen."

Of course, making outrageous costumes for the pop princess is second nature to Toybina, who created the colorful cat costumes and Egyptian-inspired pieces for Perry's recent Prismatic tour. So what made designing for the Super Bowl different than prepping for an international tour?

"Katy has a huge fan base who knows and loves her aesthetic, so when designing for her tour you don't have to worry about going over the top. The bigger, crazier and more larger-than-life, the better!" says the Emmy-winning costume designer. "But the thing about the Super Bowl is, there are hundreds of millions of people watching, and of course all of Katy's fans will be glued to the screen, but we also have to appeal to all of those tuning in who aren't the typical Katy fans."

Most importantly, the performance outfits needed to reflect Perry's vibrant aesthetic. Says Toybina: "No matter what, it's one of the biggest shows there is, and at the end of the day everyone just wants to be entertained, so the biggest challenge is making costumes that can appeal to such a broad audience, but still doing it in a very Katy way." And clearly, it paid off.

Check out Toybina's costume sketches for Perry's halftime performance below.

Exclusive design sketches courtesy of Marina Toybina