Super Bowl 2015: 'Madden NFL 15' Accurately Predicts Winner, Final Score

AP Images/Invision
Tom Brady

The simulation of Sunday's big game also accurately foretold of some big plays.

Turns out Madden NFL 15 is a pretty good predictor of the Super Bowl.

Every year for over a decade, EA Sports has simulated the big game — and this year they got not only the winner right, but also the final score and some big plays.

The simulation accurately predicted that the New England Patriots would defeat the Seattle Seahawks by a score of 28-24. It also correctly foretold that Patriots quarterback Tom Brady would win Super Bowl MVP, passing for 335 yards and four touchdowns. In reality, those numbers were off only in passing yards, by seven.

Madden also correctly forecasted that New England would be behind 24-14 in the third quarter and win the game on a touchdown pass caught by wide receiver Julian Edelman. Additionally, the show predicted that Edelman would finish the game with eight catches for 106 yards. In reality, he had nine catches for a total of 109 yards.

Watch highlights from the simulation below.