Super Bowl: How an Uber Driver Helped Patriots' Malcolm Butler Make Winning Play

Associated Press

The rookie cornerback revealed what gave him confidence going into the big game.

Patriots cornerback Malcolm Butler became the star of Super Bowl XLIX Sunday night when he picked off Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson to clinch the Patriots' 28-24 win over Seattle.

But before the game, he had a feeling he was going to make a big play — a sense he got from an Uber driver.

"When I really believed it is, when I called an Uber driver for my mom, my mom called me and told me, 'The guy spoke nice of you, and he said he felt like you're going to do something fantastic tomorrow.' I just prayed on it, and I just went out and just played as hard as I could, and it turned out great," Butler told Good Morning America's Robin Roberts via video on Monday morning's show.

Hours after the Patriots' big win, the rookie cornerback out of West Alabama, reflected on his humble beginnings and was thankful to the Patriots for taking a chance on him.

"Just like probably any other player, I didn't have much growing up. My mom worked two jobs for me," Butler said. "And I just wanted to make my family a better family and inspire young kids and anyone that you can do what you want to do if you put your mind to it and you just believe and have faith. I'm just a regular guy."

"I'm so thankful for this organization," Butler later said of the Patriots. "No other team called me but this team."

Watch Butler's full interview with Roberts below.

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