Watch Snickers' 'Brady Bunch' Super Bowl Ad

Something's wrong with Marcia (and Jan).

In its new Super Bowl ad, Snickers puts Danny Trejo in The Brady Bunch.

The candy brand teased the ad last week with a video of Trejo brushing his hair more than 100 times, a la Marcia Brady, with a Brady Bunch logo. Various other Brady Bunch-themed teasers were posted on Snickers' Facebook page, with the company urging fans to share the promos if they wanted to see the full ad early. People engaged and Snickers listened.

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The full ad, which debuted on NBC's Today Thursday morning and was later posted online, is a take on the famous episode in which Marcia gets hit in the face with a football, breaking her nose, but things take a bit of a hostile turn, in keeping with Snickers' familiar "You're not you when you're hungry" approach.

The clip begins with Marcia (looking a lot like Trejo) telling her mom (Florence Henderson) and Mike Brady (Robert Reed) what happened. After Carol says she's "sure it was an accident," Trejo says, "An eye for an eye. That's what dad always says."

"I've never said that, honey," Mike replies.

"Shut up!" Trejo shoots back, slamming an ax into the coffee table. "I've got to teach Peter a lesson."

Carol urges Marcia to eat a Snickers bar, and she looks like herself (Maureen McCormick) again.

But something's wrong with Jan. Watch the full spot to see Snickers' second celeb cameo.

The candy company also released the below behind-the-scenes look at the spot, revealing how Trejo and the other star ended up in the spot and how the ad came together, which required some digital trickery to insert Trejo and the other star into The Brady Bunch.