Super Bowl: 10 Famous Fans to Follow on Social Media

Kyleen James

Gisele Bundchen, Maria Menounos, Macklemore, Sir Mix-a-Lot and more stars likely to tweet, Instagram and post status updates about the big game and the weekend of parties leading up to it.

Not heading to Arizona for the Super Bowl but still want an up-close look at (or clever insights about) the big game, not to mention the parties leading up to the main event? Luckily, plenty of famous fans (including athletes and performers not working on Sunday night), are taking over Phoenix (or at least likely to share their commentary and photos from afar).

Patriots fan Chris Evans and Seahawks supporter Chris Pratt will likely continue trading jabs over social media. And Facebook has an entire Super Bowl hub, aggregating content about the Patriots-Seahawks matchup from public figures, news outlets, the NFL and its teams.

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Beyond that, The Hollywood Reporter has compiled a list of 10 famous fans who, based on their past behavior and connections to the game, are worth following this weekend. The below stars, presented in alphabetical order, are frequent social media posters who’ve been known to weigh in on big events and share behind-the-scenes photos.

Gisele Bundchen: Tom Brady's wife is sure to be supporting her husband on game day. The model mom of three regularly tweets, Instagrams and Facebooks during Brady's games, and the man himself even makes the occasional cameo in her feed.

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Drake: The rapper is set to host the Bootsy Bellows Arizona Takeover at the W in Scottsdale on Saturday night, where he’ll hopefully share a few first-hand observations. Drake posts numerous behind-the-scenes photos of concerts and other events on his Instagram account and tweets when he has news, or when he just wants to share his love of the Toronto Raptors. Perhaps his sports fandom will translate to a different type of game on Sunday.

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LeBron James: The NBA star may spend most of his time playing basketball, but he’s a football fan as well, rooting for the Seahawks during the NFC Championship.

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Macklemore: Born and raised in Seattle, Macklemore is a longtime Seahawks fan and regularly attends home games. He posted a photo with his wife after the team’s comeback to beat the Packers and earn a place at the Super Bowl.

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Seahawks QB Russell Wilson, Pratt and other celebrities are known to make cameos in his posts. Expect him to be active across all his social media profiles during Sunday’s big game.

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Maria Menounos: When it comes to the Patriots, the E! host is just like any other fan. Menounos regularly posts to Instagram while she’s watching her team on TV. She even rocks Patriots gear when she’s dressing down.

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Sir Mix-a-Lot: Sir Mix-a-Lot is a fan of more than just butts. The rapper is a Seattle native and big Seahawks supporter. He regularly uses Twitter to share his thoughts on the team, players he wants Coach Pete Carroll to sign and has even weighed in on the deflated-footballs scandal.

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Snoop Dogg: Snoop followed former USC coach Carroll to the Seahawks and has become an occasional sight on the field in Seattle during games. He’s also headed to Glendale for the Rolling Stone Pre-Party and is even starring in a commercial that will air on Sunday. He’s already been posting about his antics on the road to Arizona.

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David Spade: The SNL alum doesn’t tweet all the time, but he’s shared some well-timed zingers during big events and has posted sharp, football-themed posts in recent weeks, like this one from the NFC Championship:

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His Instagram posts are less frequent, but still funny. Like this one:


Deflate-gate cookies maybe the best thing that came out of this. #hilar

A photo posted by David Spade (@davidspade) on

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Chrissy Teigen: The opinionated model regularly shares her insights on social media, posting about everything from SkyMall to the Golden Globes. She rooted for Seattle during the NFC Championship, adding to someone who suggested she was just jumping on the bandwagon that she’s “from NEAR SEATTLE.” And she’s weighed in on Deflategate as well.

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More recently, John Legend’s wife tweeted about and posted photos on Instagram of her testing Super Bowl recipes. Ahead of the big game, she’s set to co-host DirecTV’s Super Fan Tailgate in Arizona, where, judging by her past behavior, she’s likely to share some behind-the-scenes photos.

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Kendra Wilkinson: The reality TV star is a frequent social media poster, often updating her Twitter and Instagram accounts in particular. On the latter, she often posts behind-the-scenes shots of big events like Sundance and her having fun with her family. She even Instagrammed a photo of her watching a Chargers game from Australia. Her Twitter account also features videos of her in action. The football fan, who’s married to former Vikings and Eagles wide receiver Hank Baskett, will likely have a few things to say and share during the big game.

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Patrick Shanley contributed to this report.