Ludacris on Rooting for the Atlanta Falcons: "We Are the Underdogs" (Guest Column)

Moses Robinson/Getty

"I look forward to beating the Patriots' ass!" says the 'Fate of the Furious' star.

When we beat the Packers, it was absolutely mind-blowing. How do you describe not even going to the Super Bowl since 1999? It was a euphoric feeling of 70,000 people. People's energy coming together at the same time. However the f— you describe that, I really can't put it into words.

The craziest thing is over the last few years we've made it into the playoffs, and then we end up choking and messing it up! I've been very proud that we've made it that far, but at the same time, very disappointed that we don't seem to play the same way that we play in the season once we get to the postseason to a degree.

The morale of the city is already high. The morale of the city is going to reach an all-time high, like a pinnacle for them winning the Super Bowl just because now we’re talking 51 years. It’s almost like a new beginning all over again! We’ve been patiently waiting. It’s going to be a new beginning.

I’m extremely proud of Matt Ryan. Adversity defines character. That’s the best thing I can say about Matt Ryan — he’s faced a lot adversity. He’s kept his head up. He tries to stay out of the news, he tries to focus and get his team together. He’s not a loud person. He’s not rambunctious. He just tries to do what he’s supposed to do!

I look forward to beating the Patriots' ass! We are the underdogs, definitely. I’ve built a career off of being the underdog, and I love that everyone is kind of discounting us and underestimating our power. That’s what’s going to be the best about being at the Super Bowl, is proving everyone wrong and seeing that look on all the Patriots fans' faces.

How do I plan on celebrating? By talking shit to all of the Patriots fans who said that we were going to lose!

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