Super Bowl: Coca-Cola Represents "Them" in Non-Binary Ad

The "Wonder of Us" advertisement used the gender-neutral pronoun in a quick moment.

Coca-Cola made a surprising gesture during its new advertisement — which aired during Sunday's Super Bowl 52 — by making a non-binary (someone who doesn't identify as either male or female) reference. 

During Coke's "Wonder of Us" ad, the voiceover surprised audiences by using the gender-neutral pronoun "them" when referring to one of the commercial's actors. "There's a Coke for he and she and her and me and them," the voiceover is heard saying, as an array of different individuals appear onscreen with the soda. 

"There's a Coke for all of us," the advertisement declares, marking a unifying moment for the monumental ad. The colorful commercial attempted to showcase that the experience of drinking the popular beverage is synonymous with being human. 

"And though we are all different, we're better as a 'we,'" the soda brand wrote on its Twitter account of the Super Bowl commercial. 

The use of the non-conforming term quickly garnered attention on social media, also receiving praise from GLAAD, which simply tweeted crying emojis with hearts.