Super Bowl: Most Controversial Ads Ever (Video)

Go Daddy's 2013 Super Bowl ad.

Some of the incendiary topics included abortion and fighting over beer.

The saying goes that any publicity is good publicity, which perhaps was the mindset behind some of the most shocking Super Bowl ads. 

Some of the more polarizing commercials to air during the big game over the years focus on abortion, inhalation of helium and fighting about beer.

Here are five of the most controversial Super Bowl ads ever, not counting ones that never made it to TV screens.

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Miller Lite (2003)

This spot in which two women physically do battle over their beer opinions was deemed by some to be misogynistic.

FedEx (2008)

This ad was never aired again due to complaints about it encouraging people to inhale substances.

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Focus on the Family (2010)

This Tim Tebow-starring ad rankled viewers who weren't pleased with its pro-life viewpoint.

Go Daddy (2013)

Model Bar Rafaeli engaged in a kiss that some thought was aiming for laughs just because of her partner's size.

Carl's Jr. (2015)

The burger chain ran a spot this year highlighting a model's chest.

Nationwide (2015)

The insurance company earned flak this year for such a depressing ad.

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