Ali Landry: How a Historic Doritos Commercial Propelled Her Hollywood Career

Ali Landry Doritos - H 2015
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Ali Landry Doritos - H 2015

After winning Miss USA in 1996, a 30-second "cheesy" Super Bowl spot two years later dubbed her the "Doritos girl" for life.

Ali Landry became a household name in the '90s — and not for being crowned Miss USA in 1996.

During the Broncos-Packers Super Bowl XXXII game in 1998, Landry starred in a Doritos commercial, which solidified the former beauty queen on America's radar.

Before her appearance in the Doritos commercial, Landry had moderate acting success after winning the pageant crown. She booked smaller roles on TV series Sunset Beach, Clueless and Conan (not the late-night show), but the "crunchy" ad was the propellant in her acting career.

In the original ad, viewers watch Landry being eyed by two men (one of them Sean Hayes) as she walks into a Laundromat. The commercial progresses to Landry doing gymnastics while eating the chips.

During the 1999 Super Bowl, a second Doritos ad aired showing a library full of college-age men opening their umbrellas in preparation for Landry walking through the door and setting off the sprinklers as she bites into the chips.

Following the success of the first commercial, the starlet went on to appear in Pensacola: Wings of Gold from 1998 to 2000; TV shows Felicity, Eve and Fastlane; and films Bella and Me Again, among others.

Landry married Mario Lopez in 2004, but the marriage was famously annulled two weeks later following allegations that the former Saved by the Bell actor cheated. The actress told People that she met her current husband (the couple married in 2006), director Alejandro Monteverde, "at a theology class in L.A. — who knew? He was the person I was meant to be with."

The actress is now a mother of three and co-founder of the app Favored.By, a mom-targeted app that allows users to "immediately see the ultimate favorite products by other moms who have been there and done that. As moms share their ultimate favorite products, you can see what’s trending in every category — all in real time."

Landry also executive produced and co-hosted the single season of TV series Hollywood Girls Night with Alison Sweeney in 2011.