Left Shark Steals Katy Perry's Halftime Show

Katy Perry Ponytail - H 2015
AP Images

Katy Perry Ponytail - H 2015

Monday should just be renamed Left Shark Day.

Move over Malcolm Butler, there's a new unlikely hero of the Super Bowl. Meet Left Shark. He danced alongside Katy Perry during the halftime show and won everyone's hearts for his messed up choreography and generally adorable awkwardness.

On Monday, #leftshark began trending on Twitter as the shark's fans expressed their love and appreciation for the dancing sea creature.

Buzzfeed confirmed that one of the dancing sharks is Scott Myrick, a professional dancer who has worked on and off with Katy Perry since 2011. Myrick lists "Right Shark" under his Twitter user description.

This is what Myrick looks like in real non-shark life:


A photo posted by Scott Myrick (@scott_myrick) on

Another backup dancer for Perry, Bryan Gaw, may be the mysterious Left Shark. He posted this on his Instagram:


Yep. The rumors are true. Yours truly. #SuperBowlXLIX #KatyPerryHalftimeShow

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#TBT #SuperBowlDreams become real this weekend #SuperBowlXLIX #Halftime

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Just to add more fun to the mix, one of the dancing sharks apparently used being a shark as a pickup line on Tinder a few days before the game, according to Uproxx.

Even though Perry's sharks have been stealing the spotlight, Verne Troyer wants everyone to know that he wore it better.

And if that weren't perfect enough, even Snoop Dogg's trying to take credit for the shark's moves.