Super Bowl: #LikeABoy Trends as "Meninists" React to #LikeAGirl Ad


The #LikeAGirl commercial created controversy on Twitter.

The Always #LikeAGirl commercial that aired during the Super Bowl was meant to empower young girls by inspiring people to use the phrase "like a girl" positively rather than as an insult.

Some men on the Internet were very offended by the female-empowerment commercial and the subsequent #LikeAGirl hashtag. They said that in order for there to be gender equality, there should also be a "like a boy" commercial, despite the fact that "like a boy" is not traditionally used as an insult. They expressed their outrage on Twitter, and as the #LikeABoy hashtag gained steam, people began using the trend to defend the Always ad and criticize the "meninists" who hated it.

Here's a look at the commercial:

Here are the men that felt like they were being left out:

Here is how people responded to the #LikeABoy hashtag. Some people started using the hashtag as an insult to the men's rights activists:

These are the tweets on the #LikeAGirl hashtag: