Madonna's Super Bowl Halftime Show: What Hollywood Is Saying

Madonna Super Bowl Halftime H 2012

"Two quarters of Super Bowl and the strongest performer is Madonna," said Alec Baldwin of the show.

Madonna took to the stage for her highly anticipated halftime show during Super bowl XLVI. Beside her were Roman soldiers, the duo of LMFAO and Nicki Minaj.

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The performance featured a stunning electronic stage and plenty or pyrotechinics. Her performance featured some oldies-but-goodies such as “Vogue,” and also her latest single "Give Me All Your Luvin'.”  What did the entertainment industry think of her performance? Overall, reactions have been positive.

Project Runway judge Nina Garcia wrote on Twitter: “Madonna rocked it !! Loved her and the outfit was HOT. LOVED. My girl Nicki Minaj adorable.”

30 Rock star Alec Baldwin also heaped on the praise, writing, “Two quarters of SuperBowl and the strongest performer is Madonna...”

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“You gotta hand it to Madonna. No apologies,” he added.

Paula Abdul wrote, "so happy for #Madonna 's triumphant #HalfTime show! đŸ™‚ @NICKIMINAJ & M.I.A. crushed it! @CeeLoGreen & @LMFAO added so much fun!"

Steve Martin wrote, “Congrats to Madonna for great spot, especially considering game has resumed during last three minutes.”

Desperate Housewives actress Eva Longoria wrote, “Madonna is amazing!!! Love her always! What a performer! All my fav songs!”

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Rosie O'Donnell kept it simple, writing: “Madonna = perfection”

Rapper Snoop Dogg added: "Madonna killen the superbowl her show is soo fresh. Wowoowowowowowoowowowowowow!"

However, there seemed to be a disagreement between Sharon Osbourne and Piers Morgan. Osbourne wrote, "Madonna is back! She's the queen. Just sensational!"

To that, Morgan responded: "Queen of what? Lip-synching?"

The performance featured plenty of dancing and stunts by Madonna, despite her very high heels. Rainn Wilson wrote, “I wonder how much Madonna can bench?”

Seth MacFarlane commented on LMFAO’s contribution to the performance, writing, “The way they rhymed "Madonna" with "you wanna" was terrific. Just tremendous. And a bunch of times! Which was also great. Music is great.”

Ryan Seacrest also praised the halftime show, writing, “Loved the madonna performance, i think she nailed it. Great job by @LMFAO, @NickiMinaj, @CeeloGreen too.”