Super Bowl: NFL's Foray Into Fashion

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Phillip Bloch and Jordin Sparks

As the NFL continues to have more of a style presence, the league can rest assured that it already has a fan in Jordin Sparks, who chatted with us about her love of fashion and football.

The NFL may be facing scrutiny these days (Deflategate, anyone?), but in the middle of all the brouhaha, the league has remained in fashion. Back in September, the NFL hosted a decidedly cheery style event, bringing in Phillip Bloch (creative style director for NFL Women’s Apparel) for their first-ever Hall of Fashion event, where the organization announced two new women's licenses: Pandora jewelry and Honora pearls (dyeable to team colors); and put on a rah-rah display of game day togs. Among the styles, New York Giants off-the-shoulder tops were paired with Betsey Johnson skirts, snug-fitting Chicago Bears sweaters were modeled by brand ambassadors, a jewelry case of Alex and Ani team-specific bangles doubled as the bar, and chic Cuce wedges were styled with subtle team colors and logos.

Most recently, the league introduced the NFL Shop at Super Bowl event at the Phoenix Convention Center, which will be open until Feb. 1, just in time for Sunday's game between the Patriots and the Seahawks. Deion Sanders (former NFL player, Hall of Fame inductee and current sports broadcaster), iCarly actress Miranda Cosgrove (NFL tweens/juniors apparel brand ambassador) and actress-singer Jordin Sparks were among those to join Bloch for the pop-up shop's opening last week. Sparks, who also attended September's celebration, chatted with us about her love of football, fashion and food.

How did you get involved with this event?

From the time I was a baby till I was 10, my dad played football, so I grew up with it. I was dubbed the little sister of the NFL because I was at all the games and knew all the songs so when they approached me, it was very natural and authentic.

What kind of NFL fashion did you sport before this?

Oh, if I’m being honest, it was a jersey and some jeans! Some sneakers. I never did anything too crazy. I grew up around all boys. I would have never worn a skirt with a jersey even a year or two ago! I dress up when I do the anthem, so I have worn heels and a dress to a game but that was because I was singing! This is exciting!

This is obviously a big collection of women’s NFL clothes, including some unexpected things! There are so many things out there: Pearls! Bracelets! Wedges! If you had to pick three things you were absolutely going to add to your closet, what would they be?

Out of all of it?! Oh boy. These Honora bracelets. These are freshwater pearls dyed to the exact color of the team. The ones I’m wearing are the Giants, which was the team for which my dad played. When it matches like this, it’s good vibes for the team! I love the vintage burnout T-shirts I’ve been seeing and the sneaker wedges — if I could get black-and-red ones!

If the house is burning down and you can take one thing with you, what would it be?

It’s not an outfit per se but my entire box of gowns that I’ve worn to major events. All my sentimental stuff is at my mom’s so I wouldn’t need to grab that, so it would be the gowns. I would say my favorite jeans, but I can just go replace those at Old Navy! Oh, these Giuseppe Zanottis that were a gift for my birthday. The ones I am waiting to wear for a special occasion are these white booties with snakeskin. I’ve never worn booties I liked so I can’t wait to wear them!

What’s your one game day food item?

Ah, I do the same thing everyone has but if there’s one thing that they don’t already have at all the games? My nana makes chicken and dumplings, and game days on Sunday we go to her house and she makes a big spread, but it’s kind of a soup so if there was a way to make it a mini cup that you could do in one bite and have at all the games, that would be beautiful and perfect!!

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