Super Bowl show fumbled in Tucson

30 seconds of adult material airs near game's end

There weren't any salacious Super Bowl moments that will linger in the public imagination -- unless you live in Tucson, Ariz.

Thirty seconds of material from an adult TV channel aired on a Comcast feed of KVOA after the Arizona Cardinals had scored a go-ahead touchdown near the end of the game.

Comcast apologized and said it was mortified by what appeared to be "an isolated malicious act." The cable provider said it received the feed through a fiber from Cox Cable; Cox told KVOA in a statement on its Web site that the interruption was isolated to Comcast subscribers.

KVOA said it was "appalled this highly inappropriate material was displayed."

The Parents Television Council said the cable companies should work together to figure out what happened.

"These 'accidents' seem to happen more often than they should, and if it truly was an accident, why is it always porn that's aired?" the council said. "TV station 'accidents' never include a rerun of 'The Cosby Show.' "