Super Bowl Style: Joe Namath's Furrier Speaks

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A standard Google search for "New York furs" led Broadway Joe to the most epic coat ever worn at a sporting event. Here, the lucky, unwitting furrier speaks.

Sunday's uneventful Super Bowl may have put viewers to sleep, but the dull game at least yielded one bright spot  that will become part of sports style lore for all time: Joe Namath's fantastical furry coat. Turns out the voluminous hooded coyote hide came from New York-based furrier Marc Kaufman, who Broadway Joe found by performing a simple Google search. 

"I just met Joe on Wednesday," Kaufman tells Pret-a-Reporter of the fateful meeting with his first-time client. "If you Google 'New York furs' I'm number one, so he found me."

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Kaufman -- a third-generation furrier whose Manhattan shop was founded by his grandfather in 1910 --  says that Namath requested something fresh and new that differed from the furs he was known for in the '70s. The hooded $3,000 coyote he coat ultimately wore during Sunday's Super Bowl coin toss was the first of a dozen coats Kaufman showed him after sizing him up. 

"He tried on a blue mink and a red fox," Kaufman says. "But he went back to the first one. It looked best on him." 

Namath didn't respond to Pret-a-Reporter's request for comment. But judging by the smile on his face during Sunday's coin toss, Kaufman can likely surmise Namath's warm, fuzzy feeling conjured by the coat.

"Tell me how good we did," Kaufman exclaims. "We won the Super Bowl!"