Super Bowl Style: Joe Namath's Fur Coat Wins the Game

AP Images

The former New York Jets quarterback got his swagger on in his signature full-length fur coat during Sunday's big game.

This Super Bowl, we're not exactly rooting for any team in particular (our beloved Chicago Bears are out of the race, after all). But regardless of who takes home Sunday's game, one thing is certain at the top of the first half -- Joe Namath's pimp coat has already won.  

The NFL legend (and former New York jets quarterback) first busted out his signature long, furry beast coat in the '70s, when he would routinely sit on the sidelines in said outerwear and bitchin' bell bottoms. The flashy Hall of Famer's coat became such a thing, in fact, that it inspired the NFL to ban any off-brand apparel by league personnel during games. 

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Fur isn't the only style signature sported by the QB. He also earned the nickname "Joe Willie Whiteshoes" for a love of white low-tops instead of black high-tops on the field. During his time, his swagger was also enhanced by having dated Hollywood bombshell Raquel Welch as well as appearing in Noxema commercials with Farrah Fawcett.

Though the coat is really nothing new, the fact that Namath busted it out for Super Bowl XLVIII is nothing short of badass. And for that, we commend him.