Super Bowl Breaks Entertainment, Sports Twitter Records

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During the final minutes of the game, tweets were fired off at an average of 10,000 per second.

Super Bowl XLVI ended up being the most watched big game, with 111.3 million viewers tuning in.

That also means that plenty of Tweets were making their way onto the web throughout the game. In fact, Twitter records for entertainment and sports were both broken on Sunday.

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In the final three minutes of the Giants-Patriots game, users were sending tweets at an average rate of 10,000 per second. That’s an all-time record for a sporting event.

At the very end of a game, the rate peaked at 12,233 tweets per second.

Madonna’s halftime show also sparked a high tweet rate. A new record for tweets for a live entertainment event was hit when the rate reached 10,245 TPS during the show that also featured appearances by MIA and Nicki Minaj.

According to Twitter, Madonna’s performance saw an average of 8,000 Tweets per second for five minutes.

According to TiVo, Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show was more popular viewing than the football game itself, and a Doritos commercial about a dog who may have rubbed out a cat was the most popular ad during the telecast.

The DVR pioneer calculated which moments during the Super Bowl broadcast were watched most in “play” mode, so moments rewound and watched again count far more than the ones that were viewed just once or were fast-forwarded.